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Tatterdemalion Middy

Tatterdemalion Middy

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We understand that comfort is key when it comes to training, which is why we take great pride in the quality of our apparel. Our bespoke pole and aerial wear is designed to inspire free movement through quality fabrics and distinctive styles. The Tatterdemalion Middy, with its V-cut back, scrunched bottom, and center waistline is the perfect example of our attention to detail and commitment to your overall performance.

Our Tatterdemalion Middy is a brilliant example of our commitment to sustainability. Constructed from scraps of other fabrics, each piece has a distinct, colorful design that is unique to you. This is just one way in which we practice ethical fashion and shift away from the fast fashion industry.

Our activewear brand are on a mission to provide you with more than just clothing. We want to empower you to feel beautiful, powerful, and confident in your own body. That's why we use only the highest quality fabrics to create couture-inspired activewear, dancewear, aerial and pole wear.

Please note that each garment will have a varying difference in pattern due to the shapes of the cut-off fabric used. The garment you receive will have a different 'patch' pattern compared to the one advertised in the picture. We hope that our commitment to sustainability and quality will inspire you to join us on our mission to empower through fashion.

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