Our Why

When I started this little business, I asked myself Why am I doing this? It would be a supporting income in time but that is not enough of a reason.

Why not give others a chance of being able to have a life, others who have been forced into slavery, sold, abused. The more I looked into how much human trafficking and in particular sex trafficking happened and how much money is made off it, the angrier I became and the stronger the need I had to do something. With it being $150 Billion industry and over 30 million people trapped in it, 2 million of which are children. As disturbing as it is, Criminal organisations are attracted to human trafficking because unlike drugs a person can be sold repeatedly.

It may be small but every dollar helps. From the intelligence finding on the criminal orgaisations, to the rescue sting operations, the aftercare programs, and adoption programs. 

This is why 15% of all sales goes to O.U.R