About Us

Tink Creations 

We created Tink Creations to have the best handmade swimwear, pole and aerial clothing. We wanted to give the Pole community and woman's fashion in general, clothing that isn't fast fashion. No more 52 collection releases a year where half of it goes to waste. Lets get back to basics, less is more. Exclusively Australian-designed and handcrafted activewear collections. Using high-quality fabrics and athletic-inspired designs, we strive to give our customers a sense of sensual but velvety luxury. Our purpose is not just to be apart of reducing waste in the fashion industry but also to aid in the recovery, healing and aftercare of Survivors of human trafficking, through donations to our chosen charity, the
Operation Underground Railroad organisation (O.U.R).

The designs of each garment have a purpose or a foundation. Each one was focused towards a particular element of Aerial sports But all have the essentials needed for those sports. Comfort, Support and suitable fabric composition.

The crops focus on softness and support of the fabric. Softness particularly in the Lat area, Aerialist tend to build large lats due to the demands of the sport and support in the straps and front of the crop to compensate for the rapid movement of aerial moves.

Shorts or bottoms focus on flattering shapes and breathability. Accented by the shine, softness and knit breathable fabric. The beauty of the aerial industry is the diversity of body shapes and sizes.

Catsuits and Leotards focus on contouring to form, comfort and fabric composition to apparatus suitability. Primarily looking at Silks or Tissue and Lyra or Hoop the fabric needed to complement this could be not too silky or you would slip on the silks and not to grippy or there may be tangling issues.

The Founder & Director

Emily Pawson

Emily is a passionate seamstress with 20 years of sewing experience. Her sewing journey started with putting together costumes on her mums old sewing machine at 11 years old. With age and a little more experience the hobby quickly turned into a passion and a challenge. Creating design concepts and drawing up patterns through draping techniques. A secondary passion of Emily's was pole dancing which brought with it new opportunities to her sewing skills and challenges. One prevalent challenge that many fellow aerialist made comment on, was the low availability in Australia of gorgeous looking aerial wear that was comfortable and flattering to different shaped women.

Our starting pledge is to donate 15% of all profit to the O.U.R foundation.