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Tatterdemalion Archbrace Crop

Tatterdemalion Archbrace Crop

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Looking for activewear that makes you feel confident, beautiful, and powerful? Look no further than Tatterdemalion Archbrace Crop! This supportive and eye-catching top ticks all the boxes, featuring distinctive, diversified, and vivid patterns created by using fabric cut offs from other fabric and moving away from fast fashion.

But it's not just about the aesthetics - we also prioritize comfort and quality in our design. The razor back support and double-brushed fabric used to line the crop provides the most comfort on the skin, making it the perfect choice for your pole and aerial training sessions.

At Tink Creations we take pride in creating activewear that inspires free movement through quality fabrics and distinctive styles. By reusing fabric in the most artistic way possible, we not only reduce waste and promote sustainability, but also create unique designs that are truly one-of-a-kind.

So if you're looking for activewear that not only looks great, but also feels great and supports you in your training, look no further than Tatterdemalion Archbrace Crop. Please note that due to the nature of using cut off fabrics, each garment will have a varying difference in pattern, making it even more special and unique to you!


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