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Vivacity - Catsuit

Vivacity - Catsuit

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A Catsuit that you can wear 3 ways! Soft on the skin, and Impressive stretch but still hugs your form yet does not become opaque. Thigh and Calf window design.

The Vivacity Catsuit has all of these qualities and more. Since there are no front or side seams, this aerial garment may be worn in Three different ways thanks to the adjustable scrunchie at the back, either as a front Halter, 1 shoulder, or a criss-cross back.

The DTY Double Brushed Poly fabric the catsuit is made from, is a type of stretchy, knit jersey fabric that is relaxed and incredibly soft. The “DTY” of DTY Double Brushed Polyester stands for “drawn twisted yarn,” and refers to the low twist given to the yarns. This knitting style gives the fabric a soft, fuzzy texture and the ability to resist wrinkles by snapping back to the fabric's original shape. 

Bespoke Pole & Aerial Wear, inspiring free movement through quality fabrics and distinctive styles

  • Exclusively designed and hand made in Australia
  • American manufactured fabrics
  • Quick drying
  • Cotton feel for preferred grip in Tissue (or silks)
  • Spandex based soft fabric.
  • Wearable 3 ways
  • Elite level comfort
  • Body Sculpting
  • Minimal seams
  • Fabric content - 92% Polyester, 8% Spandex
  • Made on Demand

 We understand how annoying it can be training in apparel that is not comfortable. We take pride in quality for your overall performance.

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Model with Ponytail in Pink is wearing a size Medium her measurements are:

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Bust 34in
Hips 33in

Model with hair in bun in Red is wearing a size Small her measurements are:

Bust 33in
Hips 32in
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