Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas

The Tree is up, decorations for the house are inching their way up the banisters and the lights to cover the front of the house are taking shape. 

But what about that one space we spend so much time in? What Christmas feels does it have?

Each year around this time studios bring out themed nights for classes or mini competitions to wear something Christmassy. Let us not forget the enjoyment of posting up those combo videos on Insta wearing the cutest polewear.

This is what the Exclusivity Christmas collection was designed for and keeping with the name so shoppers have that exclusive feel when they purchase a set, the collections have a very limited number, only 2 of each set actually, so when you wear one you know only one other person has the same thing.

But to help you get your very own set there is a Christmas discount if you purchase a set use XmasGift at checkout!

Checkout the gorgeous Christmas Sets 

Merry Christmas Tink Shoppers!


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