When we think of the word exclusive, we think unparalleled, one of a kind, unique, rare.

Each festive holiday or celebration a limited edition piece will appear in the Exclusivity collection but..... once sold it will not be coming back, either the print, color or design will be exclusive to that one launch.

The Exclusivity collection is precisely as it sounds exclusive and as you would suspect, it means items will not be continuous but also means that there will always be a new piece!

Check out the live Exclusivity Collections  


The Polekini

Polekini is simplistic yet sensual . Designed as easy everyday practice polewear or beachwear, the doubled over fabric side band is soft on the skin to minimize irritation but ensure a firm fit.

The bonus of the Exclusivity Polekini range is the colors are a once off. Once the colours are sold out they will not be available again. Exclusive polewear for each wearer made in Australia.

Coming Up!

Yuletide Collection (Christmas)

There are 3 designs coming out exclusively for Christmas! Fabric is on the way and sets will be available from Dec 3rd 

I shall give you a hint on the sets. Santa, Gift wrapping and Elf


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